Posted on by Adam Badini

Ah, the joys of being a woman – 9 months of back pain, swollen feet and morning sickness - only to be followed by hair loss! While we get the joy of a baby at the end, the reality is that it can leave us feeling less than our best self.

Roughly around half of all postpartum mums will experience some hair loss after the birth of their baby – but when you are sleep deprived and have a small human attached to you for 80% of the day, it can add to stress - which can also lead to increased hair fall.

The hormones in your body, while pregnant, mean the resting phase of your hair is prolonged – and once your normal hormone profile returns (after you have your bundle of joy) those hairs that would ordinarily have shed, decide to exit stage left in relative unison. How rude!

The good thing however is that, for the most part, this excess hair fall is only temporary. But it can still feel embarrassing or upsetting for a lot of people - as the hair we wear every day is viewed by society as a woman’s crown. But there are steps that you can take to help take care of your hair and scalp health, and give the hair an instant boost when you finally get to leave the house and have your first night out with the girls after baby’s arrival. 

The BAMbeautiful shampoo & conditioner duo is the perfect way to kick your hair back into submission. This gentle and nourishing care regime helps to bring back strength and shine to dull and lacklustre hair that is in need of some TLC.  By using natural ingredients like wheat proteins, bamboo silica & Hyaluronic acid, the lengths of your hair, and the scalp, will feel intensively hydrated and in the best condition it can be without feeling weighed down or greasy. 

To help the hair follicle you can follow up with the Densifying Scalp Tonic, that is designed to help extend the lifecycle of the hair; meaning reduced hair fall, so you notice less hair in the comb or being washed down the plughole. This little heroine in a bottle also contains turmeric, which is an award-winning natural hair growth ingredient, included to help to kick-start growth and density in the areas where you have started to loose hair. Simply distribute 30 drops onto the roots & scalp and massage for a few seconds before bed for optimum results. 

But if you feel like you need an instant lift every day our Thickening Styling Spray is the perfect option. Not only does the styling spray give non-sticky, movable hold to the hair – it also contains all the natural active ingredients that are in the rest of the range and the award-winning scalp tonic – so you can help supplement your hair recovery while still being able to express your individual style. 

On top of all this, BAMbeautiful is safe for breastfeeding mums to use and is 100% vegan, cruelty free and contains up to 96% natural ingredients.