Posted on by Steven Esler

Hair loss and thinning hair can be utterly confidence shattering. We are told long, glossy hair is feminine and that our hair is our crown; which is why it’s so deeply and negatively impactful when we begin to notice hair fall. We will feel like we are ‘less than’ and a shadow of our former selves –but there is hope.

BAMbeautiful has a breadth of products to help support hair density and scalp health at every stage of your routine. But hair regrowth and regaining density takes time. Even for the most efficacious products, like our proven and independently tested Scalp Tonic -it takes between 1-3 months to get your hair back to its former glory, which is fantastic! But it requires patience -and many of us feel like we want to wave a magic wand and have an instant fix to give us a confidence boost for a date, wedding or work event. This is the reason we at BAMbeautiful created our styling products to provide an instant disguise for fine and thinning hair -so you can achieve voluminous and thicker looking tresses in minutes.

But the BAMbeautiful styling range isn’t like any other. The formulations have been infused with our healthy hair hero ingredients to help support the work the treatment products are doing to thicken and densify the hair long term. The Thickening Finishing Cream is perfect if you have a dryer hair type, prone to breakage. this rich and creamy formula is packed with coconut oil and hyaluronic acid for hydration as well as a naturally derived starch polymer to add body and hold. Pea peptides will help to thicken hair fibres whilst the organic pea sprout extract will help to plump up the hair from the root.

 Just watch the instant results with our Hairdresser, Lara who demonstrates how quick and easy it is to add body and volume with the Finishing cream.

The second instant results styler is the Thickening Styling Spray. This product couldn’t be further from classic hairsprays we are all used to.

Usually a hairspray can be extremely harsh on the tresses and make the hair feel crispy or brittle, but we have formulated our styling spray with a base of coconut oil and hyaluronic acid to moisturise, while using natural polymers to give the hair an instant boost. We have also been sure to include vegetable proteins to help strengthen the hair –because when we use heat tools, the proteins in our hair that keep it healthy and strong can become damaged. Our 360 approach to hair styling means that you can achieve a voluminous blow-dry without further damage to the hair –the results speak for themselves.

One of our product testers with thinning hair cause by the menopause, just shows what a difference the styling spray can make; Carole’s before and after images were taken after a fresh wash with the Thickening Styling Spray spritzed into the roots before drying. As you can see, Carole’s patches of thinned out hair are completely disguised in the 7 minutes it took to blow dry her hair leaving her feeling “confidant and with a new found love for her hair again”.