Posted on by Adam Badini

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There are many reasons why we may suffer from dry scalps or patches of flaky skin. It could be due to hormonal changes, or it may even be a side effect of overdyeing the hair, particularly as many of us are using at home box-dye kits while in lockdown - because we can’t get to our hairdresser for a professional treatment.

Whatever the reason for your dry, itchy or flaky scalp, there are some universal ingredients and methods of care that will help get your hair and scalp back into a healthy state.

Before dying at home or going to the hairdresser, it is important to get your hair and scalp into the best possible condition -so it is prepared for whatever may come it's way. A few days before any dye treatment make sure you are using a deeply conditioning masque to help impart as much moisture as possible - both onto the scalp and into the hair strand itself.

hair thickening products, hair thickening products that actually work, how to thicken hair

The BAMbeautiful Thickening Conditioning Masque has been expertly formulated to do just that. Each ingredient has been carefully selected with maximum health and hydration in mind. The Masque is rich in natural coconut oil and shea butter which will moisturise the skin as well as the hair. Shea butter is also full of fatty acids that have been proven to help shield the skin from environmental irritants and reduce redness and swelling that can be caused by over-processing the hair.

Gentle exfoliation is also great for helping to tackle dryness and flaky skin on the scalp, both before and after dying the hair. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) can help with this. AHA’s work by loosening or breaking down the bonds that keep dead skin cells attached to the surface of the skin. Unlike a scrub, using a gentle liquid exfoliation at a sensible percentage will not be harsh on the skin or cause micro-tears, which can often lead to inflammation-particularly on already aggravated scalp skin. The BAMbeautiful Densifying Foam contains botanically derived AHA’s, so after every wash, you can help to tackle a flaky scalp and expose the fresh, young, baby soft skin underneath; with the added benefit of giving your roots lift for denser-looking hair.

hair thickening products, hair thickening products that actually work, how to thicken hairAnother ingredient you may have heard of that will help add moisture and hydration is Hyaluronic Acid. This wonder ingredient will bind up to 1000 times its own weight in water, which helps to keep scalps hydrated. A daily dose of hyaluronic for a flaky and dry scalp will add moisture without the scalp and hair becoming greasy. The BAMbeautiful Scalp Tonic is full of Hyaluronic acid, allowing you to treat dryness daily. The Scalp Tonic is also formulated to help the hair follicles hold onto the hair for longer, and assists in slowing the rate of hair fall so you can ensure your hair remains dense, lustrous and full of volume – even after the stresses that dying and processing the hair can have on the strand of the hair as well as the skin on the scalp.

With this power trio of fatty acids, AHA’s and Hyaluronic acid, your post-dye dryness will begin to dissipate and scalp health should be maintained.

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